Yearly, there are various events and conferences held all over the world to share IT knowledge and gain some necessary certifications. This is necessary due to the ever-changing nature of emerging technologies and IT experts. The 15th edition of the international common criteria conference was held in New Delhi, India to foster relationships among technology experts and exchange ideas for willing experts.

Regarding the Site

The website is about the 15th edition of the international common criteria conference scheduled for India. We launched this website to show the world how vital this event was and how it welcomes a plethora of technical professionals in the IT world.

This conference is for those interested in IT networking. It is also an avenue for concerned professionals who are interested in specification, development, evaluation, certification, and approval when it concerns IT security of profiles and systems.

This conference will prove to be a place where several technical knowledge and vital experiments are shown and shared. About 28 countries from all continents will converge in New Delhi, India to witness these occasions. Some participants include policy markers, certification bodies, evaluation laboratory agencies, researchers, evaluators, product developers, retailers interested in specification, development, evaluation, and certification of IT security. We welcome all participants to India and wish them well.

Aims and Objectives

This is not the first of its kind. Indeed, this conference has various objectives that it aims to achieve.

  • To ensure proper evaluation of information technology (IT) products and safety profiles that will be used optimally and are consistent with industry standards. The conference also aims to contribute immensely to the technology world by inspiring confidence in the Security of products and profiles available. This is done to instill a belief in the participants and other audiences that this conference is able to solve some pertinent IT problems.
  • To enhance the availability of evaluated, security-related IT products and services. There are several IT products on sale and this conference aims to bring both sellers and buyers of IT profiles together.
  • To totally remove or mitigate the burden of duplicating evaluations of IT products and protection services. The conference has noted with disdain that there are inferior and duplicating evaluations, and it hopes to use this event to eradicate this menace by sharing genuine evaluation information.
  • To regularly improve the efficiency and affordability of the evaluation and validation process of all security products and profiles. This conference hopes to make IT products cheap and affordable for all participants.

Sponsorship and Benefits for Participants

We use this opportunity to reassure the name some of our sponsors like Infosys Limited, Symantec and Cricketonlinebetting.in and promise participants that they stand to benefit a lot from this conference. Some benefits are:

  • Exhibition opportunities: This conference promised to showcase the latest researches in the IT world and how it can help all businesses.
  • Networking avenue: This event promises to bring different types of people socially together. Therefore, those looking for job networks, sales networks, or intellectual partnerships can use this conference to interact with one another.
  • Branding avenue: All IT participants can brand their products and services to intending customers who may wish to patronize them.
  • Sales and marketing avenue: Researchers and IT experts who wish to sell some of their products can use this avenue to achieve their aim.
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Values the Conference Represents

We don’t compromise on some vital values at this conference like:

  • Respect: We expect all participants to respect one another and cherish the works on exhibition. We condemn any form of ridicule.
  • Innovation: We regularly preach for continuous innovation from experts and professionals. These innovative ideas will make this conference reputable.
  • Support and cooperation: We expect all participants to support one another in all IT-related works or theories. Also, continuous cooperation that will bring about an expected improvement in the evaluation process of IT systems is encouraged.
  • Integrity: We preach against any kind of unlawful duplication of patented works. We are constantly working with regulatory agencies to provide all information about suspicious intellectual IT theft.
  • Responsibility: A vital value that we preach is responsibility. All participants must refrain from it. Any illegal IT services or certifications that can tarnish the aim of this conference. We are all responsible for our actions.
The IT world is experiencing several developments every day, conferences like this will enhance partnership and interactions in IT development, evaluation, and certification. Stay safe.
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