Canadian HTML Experts Participation is Confirmed

International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC) is an annual conference aimed at providing those who have specification, development, an evaluation and validation or certification of IT security with the opportunity to meet with one another and market themselves.

It is quite difficult to talk about the internet without talking about HTML. The latter is the foundation on which most online platforms are built. HTML also laid the foundation on which Canadian online casinos are thriving. This year’s ICCC conference will feature some of the best HTML experts. These experts include software architects of major online casinos in Canada.

This conference holds a lot of promises and attendees will benefit a lot from it. The experts attending this conference, have loads of work experience between them. That being the case, there is hardly a problem they cannot provide you with insights on. So, ensure you attend and take advantage of the opportunity to mingle with the best security experts in terms of HTML knowledge.

Canadian Experts Invitation to Meet and Greet

This conference is not just your usual conference where you sit down and listen to long speeches from experts. This is not the case of having breaks between long speeches.

The ICCC understands that the aim of putting experts and enthusiasts in the same room is to encourage transmission of knowledge and sharing of experiences. In the light of this information, this conference will take a different direction. Instead of the usual speech giving, this conference will be more about “meet and greet.”

Participants get to meet with the experts and talk to them on a one on one basis. Instead of just sitting down in the hall and listening to various HTML experts climb a podium and give you all general advice, you get the opportunity to engage them in thrilling personal conversations.

This is a good opportunity to rub minds with them. You get to tell them about your challenges, plans, aspirations and any other thing you have in mind. You can also pitch your ideas to them as well. Who says these experts cannot learn a thing or two from you? This may just be your opportunity to become the owner of an HTML powered online platform.

Who says you cannot join the list of owners or operators of Canadian online casinos? It’s just a matter of timing.

Highlights of HTML Security in Canada

As it was earlier said, HTML is the foundation of most online platforms, this includes Canadian online casinos. Online platforms come with lots of benefits in terms of performance. However, they also have the security issues.

HTML may be the foundation of online platforms but even a house built on a solid foundation still needs gates. Canadian online casinos need to ensure that the credit information of their customers are safe. Here are a few ways to secure your online platforms.

  • Encrypt HTML to ensure that unauthorized users cannot access to your data.
  • Encrypt HTML content as it moves back and forth through the client and server pathway.
  • Validate a domain name via a digital certificate to ensure it is coming from a trusted location.

There are many other ways to ensure HTML security but the HTML experts are in a better position to discuss this.