Indian Cricketers Paid the International Common Criteria Conference a Visit

The International Common Criteria Conference is great entertainment for those who love technology. However, none of us are robots and we cannot sit there for two days straight and listen to a number of different talks. Therefore, the organizers come up with cool events that allow visitors to take a break from listening. As the 2015 edition was held in India, they asked M. S. Dhoni whether he could come with some of his Indian teammates and play a bit of cricket with those who are interested.

The Legend That is M. S. Dhoni

Dhoni should inspire every common man as he is living proof that if you work hard in life, no matter what industry you are in, you can make it big in the world. Dhoni used to be a bus ticket collector, but he is now one of the most successful captains that India has ever produced. His success in such a short space of time has come about from the fact that he is fearless. To add to this, he has leadership qualities that most men can only dream of and these qualities have seen him lift three ICC trophies for his country. How can you have a conference in India that is trying to help companies and people improve themselves without inviting along one of the country’s most successful men?

Below we are going to take a look at some qualities that has made him such a successful captain for his country. Remember that cricket is like a religion for us Indians, so every single time he took to the field (he has since retired from international cricket), he had a huge amount of pressure on his shoulders. However, he always bore that pressure admirably. The qualities that we are going to look at helped him in cricket, but they are qualities that are useful in any line of work, that is for sure.

Try, Try, and Try Some More

Building a company is like playing a game of cricket in unfamiliar territories. You need to be involved in every single aspect of the company. Dhoni had test failures in Australia and England, but he did not dwell on them. In fact, he learnt from his mistakes and then led his country to a tri-series win Down Under. He treated each game that he played as if it was his first and did not get too big for his boots. This type of attitude can be great for startups to get the results that they desire.

He Stays Calm Under Adversity

Dhoni is known as Captain Cool by those in the cricketing world because he had the unique ability to remain calm and collected even when things were not going the way he would have liked. There are very few people in this world who have the power to control their emotions

when they are going through some tough times. On the field, you would rarely see him get annoyed by poor deliveries or dropped catches. Every entrepreneur out there should do their best to emulate his patient and calm approach when it comes to dealing with unfavorable situations.

Always Lead from the Front

A good leader is one that will always lead by example. Whether it is in success or failure, a leader will always hold his hands up and take full responsibility. A captain plays a huge role in sports and has to be at the forefront, which is something Dhoni always was. In the 2011 World Cup Final he decided to move himself up the order. This was not because he wanted to get glory for himself, but because he truly believed that this was the best move for the team. An entrepreneur’s leadership qualities will determine the fate of their budding company.

He Brought the Best Out of His Team

Dhoni was one of the few captains in sport who was able to understand the weaknesses and strengths of every single player under his command. For instance, in a T20I final, he decided that Joginder Sharma would be the one to bowl the final over. This showed that he had a lot of belief in the youngster and this belief rub off on the bowler at the right moment. He bowled an outstanding over and India went on to lift their first T20I trophy. Every owner of a company needs to know how to get the best out of all of their employees. If they can manage this, then it is safe to say that the company will go far.

He is Humble and Modest

Whenever he won a trophy with the team he was captaining, he would lift the trophy up first. However, instead of then parading it around himself, he would quickly hand it over to his fellow players and let them enjoy the moment. By doing this, he was acknowledging that he could not have done it without them. He knew that cricket was a team sport and that there would be no success without the team. A company is also a team and the company would be nothing without all of its individual parts.

He Believes in Himself

Dhoni is one of the most unorthodox cricketers that has ever played for India. He was never as technically good as Rahul Dravid or Sachin Tendulkar, and you definitely will not find his style of wicket-keeping in any manuals. Over his cricket career a lot of criticism was sent his way regarding his wicket-keeping and batting styles, but he brushed it off as he believed in himself and his abilities. He proved everyone wrong. As a businessman, you must also believe in yourself and move ahead in life without fear of the unknown.

A Nice Break from Technology

When registration for the conference was opened, it was announced that there would be a special cricket event for those who love cricket. However, as there were thousands attending the conference over the course of the two days, they could not allow everyone to tend this cricket event. Therefore, those who were interested had to opt in and then 100 people would be chosen at random to join. Fifty people would do it on day one, while the other 50 would do it on day two.

The only thing that the winners knew was that they were going to be playing some cricket. They did not know who with. Therefore, you can imagine their surprise when Dhoni turned up with the likes of Rohit Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, and Virat Kohli. In fact, many of them were so stunned that they were not able to speak.

They spent a good 45 minutes learning some batting techniques from some of the best batsmen in the world. After this, Kumar decided it was time to show them how to bowl the perfectly delivery, while Dhoni allowed those who were brave enough to give wicketkeeping a go. The whole session lasted 90 minutes and at the end the players signed autographs and gave away some free goodies. The participants were revitalized by the experience and went back to the conference ready to learn even more.