The Common Criteria Conference is a Must Visit for Those in the iGaming Sector

The Common Criteria Conference is a symposium that is all about technology. Anybody who is interested in technology really needs to pay this convention a visit at least once. It is held every year in a different location around the world, so what could be better? Not only can you use it as an excuse to visit a new location, but you also get two days of technology discussions thrown into the equation. The conference is often attended by iGaming companies as IT security is very important for these types of companies.

Two Important Discussions for iGaming Companies

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of iGaming companies that attend this conference because there is a lot that they can learn about technology that will help them to stand out from the crowd. At the 2015 conference in India, there were two talks that iGaming companies would have been really interested in. We are now going to take a closer look at these.

Meeting Customer Requirements

Meeting the requirements of your customers is vital in any business, that goes without saying, but we do not think that it is too much of an exaggeration to say that it is even more important in industries such as the gaming industry. Why is this the case? Well, when it comes to competitiveness, there are not many industries out there that are as competitive as the iGaming industry.

There are hundreds and hundreds of online gambling sites out there and this number is increasing drastically each year. Therefore, there are a lot of companies out there that are all fighting for a slice of the same pie. Once a gaming company has enticed a customer to sign up with them, that is not the end of the matter. Once they have signed up, the company then needs to ensure that they stick around.

How can this be done? Well, the best way is to ensure that the customers have exactly what they require. When a customer is fully satisfied, there is little to no chance that they are going to close their account and take their money to a rival. However, if a gaming company gives a customer one thing that they can complain about, then they run the risk of losing their custom to a rival. After all, it is not like there is a distinct lack of choice when it comes to other gaming sites that they could sign up with.

The gaming industry is changing all of the time and you need to be able to keep up with these changes if you are going to remain relevant. As soon as a company in any industry becomes dated, they can start to kiss goodbye to customers. During this “Meeting Customer Requirements” talk at the 2015 conference, iGaming companies managed to learn an awful lot of new ways that they can keep meeting their customers’ requirements.

The most important thing that was mentioned during this particular talk was mobile gaming. Mobile gaming at the time was popular, but everyone knew that it was something that was only going to increase in popularity. Why is mobile gaming popular? Well, it gives people the chance to gamble wherever they happen to be. Therefore, it was heavily emphasized during this talk that it was something that all iGaming companies needed to make sure that there were on top of. To do this, they needed to go away and make sure that they took the time to ensure that all of the games that they offer are available on mobile devices. They were warned that it was coming to the stage where potential players would not give an online casino a second look if they found out that it was not fully mobile compatible.


In an industry such as online gaming, cybersecurity is something that is of the utmost importance. If you run an online casino and you have issues with your security, then word of your shortcomings will get about pretty quickly to say the very least. The more people that become aware of your deficiencies, the fewer people you will have creating an account with you. When nobody is joining your online casino, you might as well start thinking about a career change. This might sound a bit harsh, but this is just the way it is.

The average person works extremely hard for the money that they have, so the last thing they are going to do is sign up to an online casino that has a reputation as being one that lacks when it comes to security levels. Before anyone even contemplates depositing money at an online casino that they have just comes across, the first thing that will do is check some reviews to see whether the security levels are up to scratch. If they see something that they do not quite like the look of, they will simply start their search elsewhere.

During the “Cybersecurity” talk, those in attendance were reminded of the importance of ensuring that the security on their sites is as good as it can be. They were then told about some of the latest and best security technology that was now available on the market and that they would be wise to consider purchasing some. In order to try and increase sales, those in attendance were told that if they purchased any of the software during the convention, they would get a big discount. Many of the iGaming companies that were present jumped at this opportunity and hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of software was sold over those two days.

The Talks Went Down a Treat

The iGaming companies that attended this conference were asked to give their opinions on the talks that they attended. The majority of them said that they had learnt more in those two days than they could ever have imagined, and that they would definitely be putting what they learnt to good use. They had nothing but high praise for those who did the talks and said that they would definitely recommend the conference to any up and coming iGaming company. When asked whether they would be willing to attend the 2016 conference, the vast majority of them said that they would almost certainly be returning.