The ICCC will Give Free Online Casino Coupons to Visitors (1 Coupon Per Visitor)

ICCC 2020

Online casino games are one of the fondest ways people all across the world to have some fun. With this industry gradually getting the nod of technology, there is a high influx of people from different speeds of life getting interested in gaming. Indeed, a lot of operators are migrating to the online platform. The market in India is getting saturated, with a lot of competition. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of consumers yet to be conquered. To gain more popularity and direct new gamers to your site, you need a befitting strategy. A good example is giving out coupon vouchers to visitors at the ICC conference.

Online Casinos and Networking at the ICCC


With the high rate of influx into the online casino scene, it is very important to have a sense of synergy between the online casino and the stakeholders in the technology industry. A working relationship between these parties means that there would be an advancement in terms of technology for these casino operators. They would also be able to offer a long list of games to players. To form a perfect synergy, there is a need to have a yearly conference that would be attended by techies and also operators in the online casino industry. It’s called the International Conference on Communication.

Members of the public who are also gamers are also going to be a part of the conference. The ICC is aimed at bringing synergy between the key stakeholders in the online casino world. Getting people informed about the new technologies and inventions the gaming world has witnessed in the year under review. The conference events are covered by online casino news agency which will feature them in the form of articles on their site. The conference also serves the purpose of networking between the professionals in the field. Through this, contact and relationship can be built.

Serving as a ground to exhibit products, operators would be given the opportunity to exhibit products and consumers who are also attendees can get interested and seek to become customers. As a matter of fact, free online casino coupons will be given to visitors. In essence, this platform gives the opportunity to operators to directly reach more customers.

What Casinos Sponsoring the Event Stand to Gain

brand awareness

To make this conference a reality, there is a need to get big SEC regulated investors who believe in the dream, and are willing to pull in their resources. This also entails raising high capital which sometimes the organizers do not have. That why the involvement of big players who are ready to invest is important. What do these investors get for sponsoring the event?

Most times, a lot of organizations who act as sponsors for the event do it as a form of marketing. This year for our conference in New Delhi, our main sponsor was, an Indian online casino review site that also help arrange the free online casino voucher for conference attendees. The rest of the sponsors could also be found at the corner of the event venue. There were special segments allocated to them to handle. With these companies getting involved in everything going on, their names stick in the mind of the audience that attended this event.

These organizations also have the right to exhibit their products for gamers to buy, thus the coupon vouchers. Sponsoring this sort of event comes with high visibility for a brand. That visibility often times turn into sales as far as the product is good.